Earn income and Build wealth With Tax Efficient Multifamily investments

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For 32+ Years, MG Properties has been helping investors earn passive income and build generational wealth with tax efficient multifamily investments.

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Since 1992, MG Properties has performed successfully through four major downturns: the Savings & Loan Crisis, Dot Com Bubble, Great Financial Crisis, and Pandemic.

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In-house property management, asset management, and construction management help to enhance efficiency, control, and decision making at properties while maximizing cash flow for investors.

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With a minimum sponsor co-investment of 10%, MG Properties has significant "skin in the game" and is well aligned with investor interests.

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Recent Multifamily Acquisitions

Apartment community and pool.

Pulse Millenia

A 273-Unit Multifamily Community in San Diego, California.

Apartment community with a pool.

NOVO Broadway

A 324-Unit Multifamily Community in Phoenix, Arizona.

Apartment community with pool.

Bear Valley Park

A 260-Unit Multifamily Community in Denver, Colorado.

Apartment community in Seattle.


A 192-Unit Multifamily Community in Seattle, Washington.

Apartment community in the Bay Area.

Artist Walk

A 185-Unit Multifamily Community in the Bay Area of California.

Apartment community in Las Vegas.

Tribeca North

A 312-Unit Multifamily Community in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Meet MG Properties

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Mark Gleiberman
CEO & Founder

Mark Gleiberman is the founder and CEO of MG Properties, a leading real estate investment firm that currently owns and operates over 31,000 apartment units totaling over $10 Billion in value across six western states. Over his three decades as CEO of MG Properties, Mr. Gleiberman has built a generational wealth creation strategy and delivered exceptional performance, capital protection, and tax benefits to its investors, wealth managers, and institutional partners.

Mr. Gleiberman began investing in real estate in the 1980’s when, as a CPA, he witnessed the unique tax benefits available to real estate investors and wanted a way for his friends and family to participate. MG Properties was formed and acquired its first apartment community in 1992.

A headshot of MG Properties Founder & CEO, Mark Gleiberman.
A picture of MG Properties President, Jeff Gleiberman.

Jeff Gleiberman

Jeff Gleiberman is President of MG Properties and is responsible for overseeing investment transactions, operational strategies, and partner relations. Having held different roles in various departments across MG Properties, Jeff has built a deep understanding of the inner workings of the organization. His unique experience has allowed him to drive substantial platform growth while staying true to the firm’s founding principles.

Jeff has built a reputation for building the business by fostering strong relationships within the industry. He has cultivated strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, including investors, wealth managers, institutional partners, and other operators. During Jeff’s tenure MG Properties has flourished into an NMHC Top 50 Apartment owner with over 31,000 units.

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A photo of Patti Gray.

Patti Carsello Gray

Chief Operations Officer

A photo of Paul Kaseburg.

Paul Kaseburg

Chief Investment Officer

A photo of Joe Anfuso.

Joseph C. Anfuso

Chief Financial Officer

A photo of Mark Wing.

Marc R. Wing

SVP, Construction & Maintenance

A photo of Chris Hagen.

Chris Hagen

SVP, Property Management

A photo of Lane Jorgensen.

Lane Jorgensen

VP, Investment Management

A photo of Troy Lane.

Troy Lane

VP, Asset Management

A photo of Idalith Santiago.

Idalith Santiago

VP, Human Resources

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Reporting on Investments

A photo of Kavita Agarwal.

Kavita Agarwal

Director, Investor Administration

A photo of Noelle Noy.

Noelle Noy

Director, Investor Relations and Finance

A photo of Tyler Stewart.

Tyler Stewart

Director, Investor Relations

A photo of Andy Williams.

Andy Williams

Investor Relations Administrator

A photo of Aimee Carmichael.

Aimee Carmichael

Investor Relations Administrator

A photo of Christopher Kolb.

Christopher Kolb

Financial Analyst - Investor Relations

A photo of Adriana Morales.

Adriana Morales

Executive Assistant


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Tyler Stewart

Director, Investor Relations


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